AMEIZII Hyaluronic Acid Vitamin C Whitening Face Skin Care

Hyaluronic Acid Vitamin C


AMEIZII Hyaluronic Acid Vitamin C Whitening Face Skin Care


Net Weight:10ml
Efficacy:Brighten the skin color replenishment moisturizing oil control
Sale Price$ 2.99
1. Basic facial care : Every morning after skin toning take 3-4 drops of serum evenly supply it on the face with the middle finger and ring finger pulp gently massage until absorption.
2. Mix serum with cream or lotion it can increase the effect ; mix serum with BB cream or foundation liquid it can do a better makeup face!
3.with the mask: take 2-3 drops of raw materials in the use of the front film before rendering enhance skin care effect
1. Avoid direct sunlight stored in the shade.
2. Remember to cover the lid after use.
3. If you have the following symptoms please stop using and consult dermatologist's advice 
Red swollen itching irritation and other abnormal phenomena after use
Have the above symptoms in the sun after use.
4. Please try to avoid using in wound redness and eczema and other skin abnormalities.
AMEIZII Hyaluronic Acid Vitamin C Whitening Face Skin Care Moisturizing Remover Brighten Anti-Aging Firm Soothing Repair 
What is Levorotatory VC Original Liquid ?
Levorotatory VC Original Liquid is made by nanote chnology, it has super penetration and antioxidant stability, it can stay in the dermis for more than 6 hours, and slowly release VC, without oxidation.  it can promote the synthesis of collagen, reduce melanin precipitation, dark spots, freckles, age spots, sunburn and other types of spots and wrinkles, eliminate scars, repair damaged and uneven skin, it can quickly get rid of the dull pigmentation, show white skin.
Note:Sensitive skin, please try again under the ear, no discomfort before they can continue to use

Brand Name:Fulljion
Ingredient:Nano Gold, Collagen Protein, Seaweed Essence, Peptide Molecules, Deionized water,Amino acid humectant
Model Number:Nano Gold Foil Original Liquid
Net Weight:10ml
Efficacy:Brighten the skin color, replenishment, moisturizing, oil control
Skin Fit For:All type of skin
Shelf life:3 years
Use For:Face
Use:1-2 drops
Packagine Included:1*10ml Original Liquid
Package Size: 6cm x 5cm x 5cm (2.36in x 1.97in x 1.97in)